S. S. Cleveland

S. S. Cleveland, Thanksgiving

S. S. Cleveland, November 28, 1912

The illustration on this ship menu depicting sailors carrying an oversized plattered turkey is one of our favorites! Turkey is the food of Thanksgiving, after all, even when at sea. This menu is for on board the S. S. Cleveland during its 1912-1913 Around the World Cruise (menus for the days before put the tour in the Sri Lanka part of the world (and this one, too) --having already been to Egypt and on the way to India). The meal, listed in both German and English, includes soup a la Washington and cold cup consomme, filet of sole a l'Americaine with potatoes, saddle of lamb a la President Taft, sherbet a la Princesse Alice, roast turkey with cranberry sauce, cold asparagus with vinaigrette, plum pudding with rum chaudeau sauce, and dessert.

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, Smiley Family Menu Collection, menu 27-647.

S. S. Cleveland