M. S. Fulda

Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, Happy New Year

M. S. Fulda, Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, December 31, 1931

Prosit Neujahr! Happy New Year! This menu cover depicts a celebration with fashionably-dressed party-goers, balloons, and streamers. While other figures dance, the three figures in the foreground raise their champagne glasses. A clock strikes midnight somewhere on this journey at sea.

The evening's dinner for on board the M. S. Fulda is presented in German and English and lists culinary treats such as Russian caviar, mock-turtle soup, boiled turbot, Brunswick asparagus en branches, Westphilian ham, pate of woodcock, roast brussels poularde, tomato Maryland, rice custard, and fruit in season. Mutton chop is offered from the grill, and passengers are reminded not to smoke in the dining room. The evening's music includes selections from Wagner, Ziehrer, Morena, and Heymann.

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, Mrs. John Metcalf Menu Collection, menu 20-12.

New Year's
M. S. Fulda