The Berkeley, London, England

Berkeley, Christmas dinner

The Berkeley, London, England, December 25, 1924

The detailed illustration on this cover depicts Santa Claus riding a reindeer through the sky. He waves a holly branch and wears a satchel of toys on his back. Beside him are a girl dressed as a dancer and a boy wearing a jester costume with black and hat. Cherubs playing instruments, reading books, and carrying sacks are sketched in the clouds. Beneath this scene is a snow-covered country village.

The Christmas dinner menu includes colchester, consomme viveur, filets de sole bonnefemme, le noisette d'agneau rossini with pommes parisienne, dindonneau farci aux marrons with salade igea, plum pudding, mandarin glacee, and douceurs de Noel.

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, Craig Claiborne Menu Collection, menu 26-18.

The Berkeley, London, England