M. S. Fulda

Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, Christmas

M. S. Fulda, Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, December 25, 1931

Frohliche Weihnachten! This menu cover shows a steamship at sea under a starry night sky. Tree branches with lit candles and borders of silver stars provide holiday context and add a decorative feel. The ship Fulda was owned by Norddeutscher Llyod Bremen, one of the most prominent German shipping companies at the time.

Dinner includes russian caviar, cream soup Queen Hortense, sole meuniere, larded fillet of beef with gravy, smoked breast of goose on pumpernickel, roast turkey with Californian peaches and lettuce salad, dresh Algier arichokes, omelette surprise, Nesselrode ice-cream, fruit in season, assorted cheese, and moccha. The music for the evening includes selections from Verdi, Strauss, Kahnt, and Wagner.

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, Mrs. John Metcalf Menu Collection, menu 20-10.

M. S. Fulda