Restaurant Maire, Paris, France

Restaurant Maire, Paris, France, 1909

This New Year's Eve menu cover depicts an evening scene with elegantly dressed figures standing on the street outside the Restaurant Maire in Paris, France. Wearing fur-trimmed coats and stylish hats, the crowd represents the clientele of the upscale restaurant on a cold winter evening.

The popular restaurant was located at the corner of the Boulevards Saint-Denis and Strasbourg and was known for its wine, entertainment, and food. (Auguste Escoffier worked there for two months in the summer of 1884.)

The menu for this New Year's Eve celebration features Huitres de Burnham, Consomme de Volaille en Tasse, Cotelette d'Agneau, Volaille Truffee ou Pate Fois Gras, Salade Russe, Mandarines de Nice Glacees, Friandises, and Corbeilles de Fruits. The evening's entertainment includes singing, dancing, a comedian, and "Surprises, Coiffeurs, etc., etc., etc."

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, Herbert Ernest Menu Collection, menu 5-255.

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Restaurant Maire, Paris, France