P. J. Moriarty, New York, N.Y.

P. J. Moriarty, St. Patrick's Day

P. J. Moriarty, New York, N.Y., ca. late 1960s

Someone must have had a lot of fun writing this menu for St. Patrick's Day dinner at the Irish pub, P. J. Moriarty, in New York City. Almost every dish is qualified by something Irish: cocktail de crevelles Erin-go-Braugh; jus de pamplemousse Leprechaun; pommes McGillicuddy, pommes O'Brien and pommes Shannon; L'Eclair glace Shamrock; and gateau Blarney Castle, to name a few. On the opposite page (depicted here) is a curious illustration along with some Gaelic blessings: "A hundred thousand welcomes" -- "Hunger is a bad thing but thirst is worse" -- "Long life to you" and "May God give you sense." (Also take a look at the last page of the menu--a horse walks into a bar...)

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, George Lang Menu Collection, menu 2-453.

St. Patrick's Day
P. J. Moriarty, New York, N.Y.