Hotel Ormond, Ormond Beach, FL

Hotel Ormond, St. Patrick's Day

Hotel Ormond, Ormond Beach, FL, March 17, 1945

No corned beef and cabbage here! The entrees on this World War II-era St. Patrick's Day menu include poached channel bass, fried ocean shrimp, half broiled spring chicken, braised Kentucky Cardinal ham, and roast ribs of beef. I was surprised not to see the boiled dinner of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes on the few historical (pre-1960) St. Patrick's Day menus that I found in our menu collection. Although I might expect it more on New York or New England menus where large populations of Irish Americans lived, these southern hotels were populated by Northerners during the winter months who might have wanted the “traditional” Irish-American dish. Regardless of the ordinary menu, this menu depicts a shamrock border and green text in celebration of the Irish culture.

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, Smiley Family Menu Collection, menu 27-83. 

St. Patrick's Day
Hotel Ormond, Ormond Beach, FL