Hotel Iroquois, Buffalo, N.Y.

Happy New Year at Hotel Iroquois

Hotel Iroquois, Buffalo, N.Y., 1911

The menu cover for New Year's at the Iroquois in Buffalo shows diners standing up from their tables and raising champagne glasses to Father Time and Baby New Year who were in an airplane flying above them. The caption read, "Time Flies."

The short menu lists canape Moscovite, consomme excelsoir en tasse, coquille of crab flakes, boneless squab chicken a la Iroquois, tomato farcie, biscuit glace, friandises, and moka. The entertainment for the evening is music by the Iroquois Hotel Orchestra.

The Hotel Iroquois was a large, upscale hotel in Buffalo. This menu cover may be a nod to how important aviation was in Buffalo at the time. The Buffalo Aero Club was keen on experimenting and in 1910 it sponsored the first successful local flight, flown by A. L. Pfitzer from the Buffalo Country Club polo field.

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, Herbert Ernest Menu Collection, menu 5-45.

New Year's
Hotel Iroquois, Buffalo, N.Y.