Berkeley, London, England

Berkeley, New Year's Eve

The Berkeley, London, England, December 31, 1924

This theatrical menu cover of blues and greens with rich highlights of silver depicts a lady lounging leisurely in the grass, a jester or clown about to jump out from behind a tree, a white moon emitting rays of light, and the winged Baby New Year laughing. The unusual subject and symbolism of this New Year's scene remain a mystery to us. Perhaps the subject was instantly known to the theatre-going crowds that frequented the Berkeley. Or perhaps it was related to the hotel's history and the associations of its founder with comic opera.

The New Year's Eve dinner includes seven dishes: le caviar d'Astrakan, la tortue verte amonlillado, le mignon de sole Richard, le supreme de Reine Berkeley with pommes noisettes, le medallion de foie gras de Strasbourg with salade musette, les peches pompadour with corbeille de petits fours, and le canape Diane.

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, Craig Claiborne Menu Collection, menu 26-18b.

New Year's
Berkeley, London, England