Princess Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda

Princess Hotel, Happy New Year

Princess Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda, January 1, 1927

The call of two owls sitting on a tree branch against a full moon in a night sky brought in this new year at the Princess Hotel in Bermuda. The a la carte menu lists several dinner options, inlcuding filet of rockfish, boiled bacon and greens, chicken saute, roast prime ribs of beef, and stuffed Long Island duckling. It also notes which items are from Bermuda (the rockfish, bananas, potatoes, sugar beets, carrots, and spinach). An extensive wine list includes French champagnes, clarets, German wines, Sherries, Beers, Sundries, and more.

Shakespeare wrote,

Then nightly sings the staring owl
Tu-whit! tu-whoo! A merry note!

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, Smiley Family Menu Collection, menu 27-888.

New Year's
Princess Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda