Newarker, Newark, N.J.

Newarker, Easter

Newarker Restaurant, Newark, N.J., n.d.

This menu for the Newarker Restaurant in New Jersey shows the music and lyrics for the hymn "Hallelujah" from The Messiah by Handel on the cover. The Newarker Restaurant, which opened in 1953, made going to Newark Airport a special occasion.   Joe Baum, creator of the Four Seasons and Windows on the World, opened and managed The Newarker. The restaurant became famous for its large portions, excellent oysters and extravagant displays. Nearly all of its customers went to the airport just to dine.

Not sure what to have for Easter dinner? Why not try the stuffed breast of young Jersey turkey in an Easter nest of ginger rice! And why not follow along and sing Hallelujah after having a piece of orange chiffon pie!

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, Stuart Levin Menu Collection, menu 15-38.

Newarker, Newark, N.J.