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Personal Correspondence

The following excerpts are taken from the Locust Lawn Personal Collection, which includes correspondence, diaries, bills and receipts, cancelled checks, legal documents, insurance papers, tax records, and ephemera belong the Hasbrouck family.

Levi Nov. 20th letter

From Levi Hasbrouck to his son, Josiah. Dated Nov. 20th 1847.

"Having some leisure moments, this morning, in consequence of the weather being too wet for my health, to admit me to travel about the farm on any business, will occupy myself in writing you a few lines..."  

" will I hope soon find out, how easy it is to study your daily school lessons, by simply bringing your mind and will to the task, and let me press it on you, to make it all and every wish of your whole being, to learn and acquire knowledge, in the present time by close attention to all the books, you are studying and then hereafter by applying what you may now be learning to the practical business of your every day life, in whatever business or sphere of action, you may called to pass through."  

Sarah Maria Nov. 26th

From Sarah Maria to her brother, Josiah. Dated Friday evening Nov. 26th. Sent to Josiah while he was attending school in Newburgh

"My dear brother - Father received a letter from you yesterday and you may be sure we were all very glad to hear from you - and (shall I give you a compliment?) it was a very nicely written letter - and all correctly spelled too - quite a feather in your cap, I think."

"Don't you want your flute? If you do we can send down to you - We are waiting for an opportunity to send your apples and nuts - Father says very probably we will be down before Christmas - but he cannot tell when - it depends on the weather when he will send the beef - How warm it has been lately - almost like spring."

"I think when you come up we must go to Mr. Munsell's and have our likenessess taken - what do you say to it? - How do those suspenders suit you that I made for you - are they long enough?"

"We this morning received your letter and were delighted I assure you to receive a letter from you knowing what an effort it is"

"Monday we all spent the day at Rockville 7 of us at Mr. Long - he has an elegant place and we did have such a nice tme. The only unpleasant part was the getting up in the morning had to rise by 6 and get our breakfast so as to be in time for the boat - We went up in the Niagara the boat which was wrecked you recollect this spring this was the first trip she had made since having only just been repaired they fired salutes and appeared rejoiced to think she was once more in a condition to be in her place took a drive around the village saw all the beautiful places and after dinner took a sail on the noble St. Lawrence."

Sarah Maria Sept. 6th 1848

From Sarah Maria to her mother, Hylah. Dated Sept. 6th 1848.

"You said we must use our good sense and judgment - and they both put a veto on our coming home just now - and particularly if Aunt Hetty would not og on with us all the way..."

"Louis desires to be remembered to you all - he says he hopes we give a good account of him, which we ought certainly to do - for he has been very attentive indeed..."

"Love to Father, Josiah, Louisa, and Laura, Aunt Eliza, Nelly, and all..."

"We attend the Episcopal Church regularly morning and afternoon - we like "our little paroson" very much - They have a few organs and a good choir and short sermons so we do not get tired."

Louis Hasbrouck Aug. 30th 1856

From Louis Hasbrouck (Sarah Maria's husband) to Levi. Dated Aug. 30th 1856.

"We are in hopes of selling to "Uncle Same" the point 1/4 or 1/2 of our Homesead for a Custom House Post Office & U.S. Court Room for which they have appropriated $55,000 & and "indefinite sum" for lot."  

"I have not heard yet who is your candidate for Presidency. I'm for Fillmore and believe he is most conservative & will restore peace to the country - which we need more & more."

Sarah Maria Oct. 20th

From Sarah Maria to her father, Levi. Dated Sunday, Oct. 20th.

"We received a letter from Detroit this morning, containing the sad news of Aunt Maria's death... She will be a sad loss to her family, and I know that you too, my dear Father will grieve for her - but let us hope that our loss is indeed her gain - that she has gone to a happier world than this."

"The children are all very well and little Laura grows like a little weed...The baby looks very much like him - his daguerrotype which Mother has is a very good likeness of the baby - Bevier says "he sends his love to Grandp and he wishes he could see his little sister."  

"Levi sends his love to Grandpa & Grand mother & he thinks it is too bad they did not come last week."

Levi Feb. 14th 1861

From Levi Hasbrouck (Sarah Maria's son) to his grandfather. Dated Feb. 14th, 1861.

"On Christmas night we all went down to Grandmother's she had a Christmas table out. We had a very nice time. I got a bottle of Cologne, a book, a picture, and a good many other things. Bevier got a little watch, a picture, a book and some other things. Laura got a vase full of artificial flowers a little watch, a set of tea things."

"Bevierand Laura have had the croup but we are all well now and I have began to go to school again I like Mr. Sheldon and the school very much. There are three new boys this quarter making seventeen in all."

"I am very sorry to hear that you are sick I hope that you will soon be well again. Bevier and Laura send you their love and a kiss and hope you will be better soon, they also send their love to Grandmother, Aunts Lousia and Laura, Uncle Jo, please give my love to them too."

Sarah Maria to sisters, undated.

Sarah Maria to her sisters, while they attended school in Poughkeepsie. Undated.

"I think I must write you a short letter, at any rate, this evening - even if it is only two days since I saw you - And I feel quite encouraged too, to write since I see that you thikn my letters worth answering."

"Our yellow roses are just coming out now and I wish I could send you a bouquet. I will every opportunity as long as the roses last for they will be very pretty..."

"That ribbon does not match my dress - so I will have another neck ribbon for each of you - I will send it or bring it or keep it till you come home - it will make a pretty neck ribbon for us all around."