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Ella Bohr

The Changing Roles of Women in the Nyacks

The Changing Roles of Women in the Nyacks exhibit, created by staff and volunteers in the Local History Department of the Nyack Library, has several goals:

*Observe Women’s History Month
*Acquaint viewers with some of the delightful and quirky photographs in the library collection
*Introduce library patrons to some of the unknown and little known women who played a role in local history
*Create a forum for local residents to interact with the staff and volunteers of the Local History Department 

The Nyack Library’s photo collection (5000 images and counting) is housed in the Local History Department and online at New York Heritage Many of the pictures are portraits or group shots of people; the majority of these are of men. Women, however, are important and this display hopefully introduces some of them - and the roles they played in this vibrant community. We included some you know and some you don’t know. Some are well-known and some are unknown. The pictures are roughly grouped in three categories:

*Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters
*Trail Blazers
*Movers and Shakers

The pictures were chosen for their interest and uniqueness; there are many others we could have chosen. We wanted to introduce some women who are not generally well-known and images which had not been in other displays or publications. We would like to hear from you. Who would you have included? What else do you know about some of the women pictured here? Are you related to any of these women? Please send your comments