Jansen Anderson (1844-1883)

Born on February 9, 1844 in New York City, Jansen was the Andersons' oldest child. Long considered Absalom’s successor, he worked aboard the Mary Powell as Purser for one season in 1864, then returning with his father in 1872, remaining as Purser until his untimely death by pneumonia on May 12, 1882. He was just 38 years old.

The Poughkeepsie Eagle News wrote of him, “He was genial, always affable, always kindhearted, and, because of his position had an extraordinarily wide circle of acquaintances. Of late years he was the officer on the steamer so far as imparting information to the patrons of the boat, and the general management was concerned. He was the man inquired after always by strangers, and if his father, the popular commander of the boat, was non-plussed for the moment, he would invariably say, ‘ask Jansen.’ Young in years, he was old in business, and just at this time, at the opening of the season and with his manhood not yet at its meridian, to depart thus early makes his loss deplorable.”

His funeral was held the following day, and was well-attended by Hudson River boatmen.

His death may have contributed to his father Absalom Lent Anderson’s decline, as he retired just four years later, in 1886.

Staffing the Mary Powell
Jansen Anderson (1844-1883)