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Onteora Central School District

Onteora was just a name to motorists travelling along Route 28, but to people who held the dream of a new school for their children, its meaning- "Mountains of the Sky" had special significance.

In the last few years these same travellers have watched this hope become reality.  Some have stopped at gas stations and restaurants to ask, "Where are the families who will send their children to such a big school?".  Perhaps the gas station attendant could tell them that some nine hundred prospective students are drawn from about a thousand square miles.  This area includes the townships of Shandaken, Olive, and part of Woodstock, Lexington, Marbletown, and Hurley.  The task of transportation alone, over seven hundred miles of road in Ulster and a small section of Greene County, is no mean feat for a community.  The spark?- a community's faith in the future of this great democracy, expressed through its desire to give its children and youth the best that education can offer.

- Onteora Yearbook 1953