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On August 31, 1907 a bid was accepted to build the Ashokan Reservoir from MacArthur/Winston for 12.6 million dollars.  It would include building the huge dam and its auxiliary dikes, structures consisting of 5.5 miles of masonry, and earth that would hold back 128 million gallons of water. 

-”Liquid Assets: A History of New York City’s Water System” by, Diane Galusha

The dam was constructed where Bishop's Falls was located and when completed would be 610 feet high.

The Ashokan Reservoir construction began in 1908 and was completed in 1915.  It is said that 2,300 people were relocated, more than 500 buildings moved or demolished, and 2,720 graves were transferred to other cemetaries.  Eleven hamlets were flooded or relocated:Ashton, Boiceville, Brodhead's Bridge, Brown's Station, Glenford, Olive, Olive Bridge, Olive City, Shokan, West Hurley, and West Shokan.

On July 19,1914 the majority of the work to create the Ashokan reservoir was completed.