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Chalet Indien and Brunel Sculpture Garden

Acquiring land that once housed the old Hotel Brown in Boiceville in 1921, Emile created Le Chalet Indien, a resort dedicated to the indigenous spirit that had captured his heart upon first arriving in America. Brunel threw himself into crafting a visionary, dreamlike retreat and sculpture park—a personal testament of his love for Native American peoples and the land they stewarded for centuries. From the late 1920s to the late 1950s, Chalet Indien drew luminaries from the arts, politics, and cultural life, such as Franklin D. And Eleanor Roosevelt, Max Ernst, Irving Berlin, Enrico Caruso, Frederick Kiesler, Harold Prince, and numerous others who shaped modern life around the world.

1959 John Pollak Video of the Indian Chalet in Boiceville, NY from the Pollak Family Collection