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Leah's Early Life

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Leah Catharine Deyo was born in the hamlet of Ireland Corners in the rural New York town of New Paltz. Leah's father, Nathaniel Deyo, built the family home on a parcel of land originally purchased by his father, Daniel Deyo. Daniel had located to Ireland Corners in 1763 after originally living in the village of New Paltz. He divided his 500 acre tract of land among his three sons: Abraham, Nathaniel and Jonathan.

Nathaniel Deyo (1770), Leah’s father, raised his four sons; Daniel N. (1797), Johannes D. (1802), Jonathon N. (1805) and Abraham (1808) at the farm at Ireland Corners. Nathaniel's wife, Leah DeWitt, was never able to see her sons mature, dying in 1813 at the age of 39. Two years later, Nathaniel married Catharine Hardenburgh and had one child, Leah Catharine, the subject of this study. Catharine outlived her husband by eight years, dying in 1843 at the age of 59. View Family Tree


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