Camp News and Bullletins

1905 booklet

The following are excerpts from the 1905 Camp Awosting Brochure:

A LAKE on a mountain top, simple but well-constructed camp buildings and tents devoted to boy-life;

A score or more of jolly, healthy boys living two months out of doors;

Five or six experienced college men who will sympathize while they direct them;

A daily routine of wholesome enjoyment of boating, bathing, tramping and games, made all the happier by performing the little duties in the spirit of helpfulness and for all the good of all-this is the “summer camp idea” as expressed at Camp Awosting.

The Day

THE bugle sounds for rising at half-past six; breakfast at seven. The first half of the morning is devoted to squad duties, nature talks or gymnastic setting-up drill and athletic practice, in which all the boys take part. The latter part of the morning is given over to the swimming and diving lessons and the sun bath. Dinner is at half-past twelve. During the afternoon there is boating, tramping, exploring, hunting for specimens and photographing until supper at six o’clock. A short walk or row, books, games, songs, and stories around the campfire complete the day’s programme, and all go to early to bed. Once or twice a week an all-day tramp is arranged.

Squad Duties

IN these simple duties, held for an hour immediately after breakfast and in which each boy does his share, some campers have learned first lessons in mutual helpfulness and community responsibility. Great stress is laid on doing things on time. Punctuality is insisted upon.


THE Camp fee is One hundred and fifty dollars; payable one-half in advance and the other half on August first. Boys are not allowed to receive pocket-money from home while they are in camp. For that purpose, twenty-five cents a week is allowed each boy by the camp. For these sums and any other expenses authorized by parents, an account will be rendered at the end of each month.


THE following articles should be provided for each boy: Two dark blue four-in-hand ties; two pairs heavy, all-wool colored blankets; one rubber “poncho” coat; one bath robe; one white low-necked sweater; four pairs long black stockings; two pairs stout shoes; two pairs rubber-soled “sneakers” (best quality); two suits summer underclothing; three pairs pajamas, bathing-suit and toilet articles, and

The Camp Suit–

One sleeveless jersey (blue) … $1.50

One pair woolen running trousers (gray) …2.50

One knickerbocker suit (gray)…14.50

Two flannel shirts (gray) $1.75 each …. 3.50

One outing hat ….1.25


Camp News and Bullletins