Coverlet Weavers in the Hudson Valley

Coverlet weaving as a customer service industry

The Hudson Valley and textile innovation

Many of the new inventions and patents for coverlet weaving in the nineteenth century are registered in New York State and specifically the lower Hudson Valley.

After 1790, Scottish, Irish, and English weavers, escaping financial depression in the British Isles, relocated to New York State (many to Orange, Dutchess, and Ulster Counties) where they settled into communities of rural families who wanted and could afford fancier textiles, a situation that both drove and supplied a demand for fancy geometric and figured coverlets.

Mechanical attachments that allowed weavers to create pictorial designs of flowers, animals, and architecture were available from foundries in New Jersey and New York. Some weavers attempted to build their own mechanical attachments for weaving fancy work. The designs woven into fancy coverlets were sometimes drawn by the weavers themselves, sometimes bought from the company manufacturing the mechanical attachments, and sometimes copied from other coverlets and carpets. Several weavers used the same center designs and changed only the corner blocks or borders to personalize their coverlets while some weavers made no changes at all to the stock patterns.

Coverlet Weavers in the Hudson Valley