Hand sewn, rectangular shaped with one rounded end. The back of the huswif is a pinkish orange cotton fabric with a brown sprig design. The rounded end is a red fabric with a large rose, block printed in red and blue. The entire huswif is edged in a rolled hem of a brown colored fabric with a white leaf design. The interior has five pockets all roller printed and a different fabric, varying from sprig designs, to stripes or dots in brown, red and white. Pockets are unlined, but are hemmed in a different fabric. At the bottom of the huswif there are two pieces of red felt, most likely to hold pins & needles. The very top pocket opens in a different direction than the other pockets, making one large compartment at the top. A silk ribbon, not shown, was found with the huswif, used to tie the huswif when it is rolled up.

For more information on this object, see HRVH.