Every experience deeply felt in life needs to be passed along - whether it be through words and music, chiseled in stone, painted with a brush, or sewn with a needle, it is a way of reaching for immortality.

                                       ~Thomas Jefferson 

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The word "quilt" originates from the Latin word, culcita, which means stuffed sack. Currently the term refers to a bed covering which is composed of layers of fabric or patchwork with a filler, or batting sandwiched together. In some cases a quilt will have multiple layers of fabric with no batting.

Why did women quilt? Sewing is a traditional skill and task that women learned and performed on a daily basis. Quilting was not only a functional task, but for many women it was a leisure activity; one that became a means of expression, creativity, socializing, and community building. 

This exhibit features quilts, created using a variety of quilting techniques, from the collection at Historic Huguenot Street.