Rose of Sharon

The Rose of Sharon design was a popular motif in the mid-nineteenth century, making a comeback during the 1930's. The quilt blocks are often seen in a pink, red and green color scheme. To many nineteenth century quilters this pattern represented romantic love and the sacrament of marriage and was therefore popular as an engagement or wedding quilt. In fact it was rarely used for anything else in the late 1800's.

The block can be identified by its central scalloped circle, representing the rose. This circle is layered with two or three circles and there is an arrangement of buds and leaves around the circle. The arrangement of these shapes varies greatly from block maker to block maker. Many Rose of Sharon quilts have survived because they were best quilts, used only for company or tucked away as items of value rather than everyday quilts.  The Rose of Sharon is just one of many quilt blocks and designs based on biblical themes.

This quilt was donated in 2004 by Mrs. Jean LeFevre Linton (1922-2011). It was pieced and quilted by Rebecca Lefevre and given at one point to her son, Peter E. Lefevre.

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