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As with any human tragedy throughout history, the victims would like to be remembered -- to have their story heard. In 2002, kiosks were erected at the Rondout and Neversink Reservoirs to tell passers through about the lost valley. In addition, several local history museums have exhibits and collections detailing the story, including Ellenville Public Library & Museum. This online exhibit was created by Sandy Marsh, Digital Archivist for EPL&M, utilizing the wealth of primary source materials held in our collections.   Visit us to learn more about The Lost Hamlets of the Rondout Reservoir.

"There was an old codger lived down the road a piece," said Will Evans, "who never asked for help from anybody. He was purty near ninety and had a nice farm. The appraisers drug him off to court and asked him what his place was worth. He said 'It's worth $7,000, but I don't want to sell it. I'd rather you left me alone.' Of course it didn't do him no good to talk up like that. If you don't like the settlement that's made on your property the city'll reach right down through the chimney and take it anyway."