IBM Reduces its Workforce and then Closes Down

IBM Kingston’s peak employment—7,100 workers—was in 1985. By 1990, there were 5,700 people. Then in 1993, what was known as the downsizing began. By the end of 1993, there were 4,300 employees. By July 1994, there were 1,500. It was then that IBM announced that the Kingston plant would be closing. The press release stated:

“…The move is part of IBM’s continuing effort to make its large-scale computing products more competitive by reducing costs. The company expects that, after it discontinues operations at Kingston, aggregate annual savings will approximate $18 million …[T]he company…named Stephen W. Cole, Mid-Hudson Valley external programs manager, as IBM’s liaison to help the community adjust during the transition.”

The remaining employees were transferred to Poughkeepsie and most continued living in the Kingston area.

The IBM years had come to an end.