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A summary and conclusion of a study done by three psychology majors about the introduction of women into all male colleges is released and focuses on the benefits.

Students talk about adopting Open House Seven Days a Week which would allow guests, and more specifically women, in the dorms.

Women are admitted into the Marist College evening division by President Foy.

Marist College Cultural Committee presents Odetta in concert.

1976 first woman.png
First woman sportswriter talks about her experience of covering women's sports, like field hockey and volleyball.

Helen Gerardia, painter and printmaker, has her works exhibited at Marist College.

Marist College Glee Club and St. Peter’s Women’s Glee Club host a joint concert at St. Peter’s in New Jersey.

For the first time since WWII, there will be more women than men in first-year graduate classes.

1979 hard working.jpg
The women’s crew team wins their first four races against different colleges after many years of training.

Champagnat Housemaster Brother Frederick Lambert comments on the widely debated idea of extending open house privileges.
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