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Ledger entries for medications dispensed and payment rendered, sometmes by barter. Quinine was prescribed and dispensed to multiple people over the course of a few days. In account ledger and physician records, John Bogardus.

MSS 330.000.029 Bogardus Cases of Obstetricks.JPG
"Cases of Obstetricks in 1828," detailing deliveries attended, with some notes of hours in labor, listed by the father's name. In account ledger and physician records, John Bogardus.

Physician record, J. Dewitt. Detailed description of the amputation of an arm after a gunshot wound in 1803. (Enclosed in Bogardus ciphering book).

Ciphering book, John Bogardus. Mathematical word problem.

MSS 242 Leggett letter p 1.JPG
Letter from B.S. Leggett of Slaterville, Tompkins County, NY to Solomon E. Elting and wife Maria VerNooy of New Paltz, NY. Discusses the sale of Elting's farm and problems concerning a lady defaulting on her rent payments, 1825.

MSS 083 Bevier wheat receipt.JPG
Receipt, Lewis Bevier by William Hames. Receipt mentions quantities of wheat in payment of taxes.

MSS 035.000.005 letter to Hardenbergh and Jansen heirs.JPG
Letter to the Heirs of Nicholas Hardenbergh and Thomas N. Jansen by Peter G. Griffin and Asher Leonard of Hancock. Concerns Griffin and Leonard's inability to pay rent. They promise to pay next fall.

MSS 035.000.004 Jansen warrant for Hitchcock goods.JPG
Warrant and authority for Thomas Jansen. Warrant allows Jansen to detain the goods and chattels of Eli Hitchcock in his possession in the County of Onandaga in arrears of rent

MSS 028.000.002 Hasbrouck shroud 1866.JPG

MSS 028.000.002 Hasbrouck hearse 1866.JPG
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