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MSS 083 Bevier wheat receipt.JPG
Receipt, Lewis Bevier by William Hames. Receipt mentions quantities of wheat in payment of taxes.

MSS 330.000.029 Bogardus Cases of Obstetricks.JPG
"Cases of Obstetricks in 1828," detailing deliveries attended, with some notes of hours in labor, listed by the father's name. In account ledger and physician records, John Bogardus.

Ciphering book, John Bogardus. Mathematical word problem.

Deed, Noah Eltinge to Benjamin Doyo [Deyo]

MSS 067.001.005 DuBois inventory p 1.jpg
Estate inventory, Cornelius Dubois.
*This is a 16 page inventory, the expectation is 2-3 pages at most*

MSS 005.002.002 Flour transaction Deyo Hasbrouck Freer.JPG
List of flour products consigned to Abraham Hasbrouck by William Deyo (1). The last entry is "To Cash in full for Gerrit J. Freer".

Lease, Thomas Bruyn to Margret Bruyn, of two rooms in his house on the first floor with other rooms and use of the farm, undated

Ledger entries for medications dispensed and payment rendered, sometmes by barter. Quinine was prescribed and dispensed to multiple people over the course of a few days. In account ledger and physician records, John Bogardus.

MSS 242 Leggett letter p 1.JPG
Letter from B.S. Leggett of Slaterville, Tompkins County, NY to Solomon E. Elting and wife Maria VerNooy of New Paltz, NY. Discusses the sale of Elting's farm and problems concerning a lady defaulting on her rent payments, 1825.

MSS 017.002.001 Elizabeth DeWitt letter p 1.jpg
Letter, Elizabeth DeWitt to her father, possibly unrelated receipt on verso
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