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Physician record, J. Dewitt. Detailed description of the amputation of an arm after a gunshot wound in 1803. (Enclosed in Bogardus ciphering book).

MSS 330.000.029 Bogardus Cases of Obstetricks.JPG
"Cases of Obstetricks in 1828," detailing deliveries attended, with some notes of hours in labor, listed by the father's name. In account ledger and physician records, John Bogardus.

Ledger entries for medications dispensed and payment rendered, sometmes by barter. Quinine was prescribed and dispensed to multiple people over the course of a few days. In account ledger and physician records, John Bogardus.

MSS 005.002.004 Deyo furniture receipt 2.JPG
Receipt, A. W. Deyo by Nelson & Post. For various furniture. Shop receipt indicates they also supplied coffins and other funerary items.

MSS 005.002.004 Deyo furniture receipt.JPG
Receipt, A. W. Deyo by R. C. Andrus & Co. For furniture. Shop receipt notes that the company also provides undertaking "in all its branches."

MSS 005.002.004 Deyo hardware receipt.JPG
Receipt, Mrs. [Abraham W. Deyo], by William H. Tallmadge. For cutlery and hardware. Receipt includes an exhaustive list of items carried by the shop.

MSS 005.002.004 Deyo home goods receipt.JPG
Receipt, Mrs. [Abraham W.] Deyo by Geo. W. Halliwell. For various cutlery.

MSS 005.002.004 Deyo home goods receipt.JPG
Receipt, Abm. W. Deyo by G. W. Farrington & Co., for numerous household and kitchenware items

MSS 035.000.005 Sears letters to Jansen p 1.JPG
Letters to Morris Jansen from Roland Sears regarding attempts to rent land on Jansen's behalf, renters refusing to "be ejected," difficulties Sears is experiencing in attracting buyers for land, and an offer.

Will, Johannes Mauritus Goetschius, including specific bequests to his nephew, wife, and children and instructions for sale of remaining estate at public vendue. Bequests include several enslaved persons, and also include his medical instruments,…
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