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MSS 035.000.005 letter to Hardenbergh and Jansen heirs.JPG
Letter to the Heirs of Nicholas Hardenbergh and Thomas N. Jansen by Peter G. Griffin and Asher Leonard of Hancock. Concerns Griffin and Leonard's inability to pay rent. They promise to pay next fall.

MSS 035.000.005 Sears letters to Jansen p 1.JPG
Letters to Morris Jansen from Roland Sears regarding attempts to rent land on Jansen's behalf, renters refusing to "be ejected," difficulties Sears is experiencing in attracting buyers for land, and an offer.

Physician record, J. Dewitt. Detailed description of the amputation of an arm after a gunshot wound in 1803. (Enclosed in Bogardus ciphering book).

MSS 067.001.007 Poll list 1778.JPG
Poll list, election at New Paltz for 6 members to represent Ulster County in the General Assembly for the State of New York and for two senators

MSS 028.000.002 Hasbrouck funeral 1875.JPG

MSS 028.000.002 Hasbrouck shroud 1866.JPG

MSS 028.000.002 Hasbrouck headstones 1857.JPG

MSS 028.000.002 Hasbrouck hearse 1866.JPG

MSS 067.001.004 DuBois vaccine receipt.JPG
Receipt, Josiah DuBois by Isaac [Ree?] for medical services

MSS 005.002.004 Deyo furniture receipt 2.JPG
Receipt, A. W. Deyo by Nelson & Post. For various furniture. Shop receipt indicates they also supplied coffins and other funerary items.
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