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Binary Visions

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Presented by Historic Huguenot Street, this exhibit highlights a sampling of the dozens of such textiles in the Permanent Collection all of which were produced locally in Ulster, Dutchess, and Orange county. Through their actual woven patterns (symbols and texts) and through related records and tools, these coverlets carry clear connections to the local families that purchased and used them.

Emily DuBois Hoysradt


Emily DuBois Hoysradt led an active life, devoted to art, learning, and participation in several community organizations.

Hendrick Aupaumut

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This exhibition features a letter to the New York State Legislature from Hendrick Aupaumut, Mohican sachem (traditional leader) and diplomat. The letter was received as a gift to the Historic Huguenot Street Archives by Mary Frances Stokes-Jensen in 2016.

Jacob Wynkoop

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Never Was a Slave: Jacob Wynkoop, Free and Black in 19th Century New Paltz documents the exceptional and varied life of Jacob Wnykoop who was born in the rural community of New Paltz, New York, in 1829, two years after slavery was legally abolished in the state.

Jane Deyo Wynkoop

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Born to an enslaved woman in New Paltz, New York, Jane has a remarkable story. Through original archival documents, this exhibit explores her story from birth in 1803 to death in 1876, at age 73.

Mary Deyo

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In 1888, Mary Deyo of Gardiner, NY joined a mission in Yokohama, Japan and taught in an all-girls school. This exhibit uses her collection of papers to explore and compare parts of life in the United States to life in Japan.

Quilts of Historic Huguenot Street


This exhibit features quilts, created using a variety of quilting techniques, from the collection at Historic Huguenot Street.

Ruth Lynda Deyo


Ruth Lynda Deyo was a pianist, composer, intellectual, international traveler, lecturer, and artist drawn to mysticism and the occult. This exhibit highlights Historic Huguenot Street's Ruth Lynda Deyo collection, comprising nine items ranging from 1904 to 1937.

The Missing Chapter: Untold Stories of the African American Presence in the Mid-Hudson Valley


This online exhibit contains images of historic documents and descriptive text concerning the African American presence in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Images include historic photographs, bills of sale, last wills of testament, estate inventories, runaway slave notices, court cases, slave laws, journals, ledgers, and correspondences.