Troop B, First Cavalry

The following is a list of soldiers who served in Troop B, 1st Cavalry of the New York Guard, who called Camp Fort Orange home during their service. Consisting largely of men from the Albany area, they were among the first regiments to arrive for service in August 1917.

This first list comes from a list that can be found in H-A-L-TT!-WHA-ZAA?: Being a History of The First Provisional Regiment and the Answer of a State Militant to the Threat of Berlin (H-a-l-tt! Wha-zaa?), edited and compiled by Captain T. R. Hutton who served in the New York Guard. Only those who enlisted by mobilization in August of 1917 are included in this publication. There is ongoing research being done by collection staff to identify additional guardsmen who served at Camp Fort Orange.

First-Lieut. Frank M. VanNouhuys
Second-Lieut. Edgar B. Clerk
First-Sergt.-John J. Burke
Supply-Sergt.-Chas. E. Kelly
Mess-Serg. Harold E. Parkman

Thomas F. Burke
John J. Connors
Frank A. McCullough
Emerson C. Gray
John O'C Fish
Frank W. Hills

Thomas A. O'Malley
Garret R. Forster
Eugene J. Malone
Robert B. Convery
John R. McCormick
Charles F. Terry
Frederick E. Gillen
Douglas S. Williams
Chester J. Atkinson
Felix Cantamessner

John W. Alberts
John W. Brasure
John S. Bantham
Frederick I. Bennet
James H. Clancy
Harry F. Campbell
J. Fred Clarke
Henry G. Cowan
John Cregan
William H. Cameron
Hildrith P. Drew
Clarence D. Forest
Charles E. Davenpeck
George D. Earll

Charles Effler
Donald R. Ferris
John V. Fischer
Ambrose G. Gleason
James J. Gallagher
Charles H. Humer
Joseph M. Hughes
Ralph L Happel
Edgar Jacobs
Arthur S. Lewis
Willard B. Lewis
Howard F. Lewis

Algernen S. Lawler
William J. Mahar
Thomas McCartney
Dayton B. Mochirie
John E. Marshall
Albert Notovagi
John J. O'Reilly
Michael J. O'Henry
Miles Paley
John J. Patterson
Kenneth F. Rossman
Willard G. Ruff
Erwin J. Sanders

Walter K. Scim
William K. Spatz
Tremaine A. Thayer

Peter C. Todd
Frank J. Taafe
Milton J. Van Bergen
Arnold G. Van Laer
Lewis N. Van Alstyne
Harold R. White
James J. Wagner
Adrean E. Young
Raymond D. Zeilman
Elmer G. Wallace

Camp Fort Orange
Troop B, First Cavalry