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Will of Garret Freer


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In the name of God amen I Garret Freer of the town of New Paltz
in the county of Ulster and State of New York being in aweak State of body
but of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be almighty God for
the same, But considering the [unoortainty?] of this mortal life and for sel-
-ling and disposing of worldly affects Do make and constitute this my last
will and Testament in manner following Viz! First I give and bequeath
unto my beloved Wife Mary one Bed & Bedstead with all the Bedding and fur-
-niture thereunto belonging and also the sum of Fourteen pounds of lawful
money of the State of New York To be paid to her yearly and every ^year during her
natural lifetime by my seven Children hereafter named Viz! Jonas G. Freer,
Martinus G. Freer, and my Daughter Catharina the wife of Jonathan Lefever,
Mary the Wife of Martinus Freer Jur, Brochgye the widow of Solomon Doyo de-
-ceased, Elshe the wife of Isaac Vanwagene and Margaret the wife of Daniel
Hasbrouck that is to say that each of my aforesaid seven Children or their
respective, Heirs Executors or administrators shall pay the sum of Five dol-
-lers yearly and every year during her said lifetime, Secondly I give unto
my oldest son Hugo G. Freer the sum of one shilling to be paid by my Son
Jonas G. Freer, his heirs or assigns He having his share herafter [sic], Third I
give devise ad bequeath, unto my Two Sons Jonas G Freer and Martinus
G Freer, and to their respective Heirs and Assigns for ever, All my Real Estate
which I have in the Pattent [sic] of New Paltz or else where together with all
the buildings and appurtenances thereon as is herein after particular speci-
-fied, fourthly that is to say I give devise and bequeath unto my said son Jonas
G Freer and to his Heirs and Assigns for ever, The northerly most one Equal
half part of the Lot and farm I now live on- from the west end of the said Lot
and Lands of Marbletown, Easterly through the middle of the said Lot, and
farm unto the devision [sic] fence between the Eastern most field on said Lot
or farm- and also the Southermost [Southern most] half of said Lot from said westerly
fence of the Eastermost [Eastern most] field westerly the full breath of said Lot unto the
new fence standing on the side hill to the westward and nearly in range
with a Large Rock lying on the South side of the publick [sic] Road, and on
the south side and nearly joining the fence of Lephania Bidsall

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