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Will of Tjerck Dewitt


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Whatsoever unto the Said Several pieces or parcels of
Land Belonging To have and to hold the Said Farm
Lands and Roads hereditaments and premisses [sic] with
the Appurtenances unto my said son Andries his
Heirs and Assigns To the only proper use benefit
and behoof of my said Son Andries his heirs and
Assigns forever, In Trust Nevertheless and it is my
Will and devise that my Well beloved wife Deborah [underlined Well...Deborah]
is to Live and remain in the now dwelling House
of mine with my Said Son Andries [underlined Said...Andries] andto be main=
=tained by him during her natural Life Out of
my Estate, to him by me above bequeathed and devisd [sic]
but in Case my said wife doth not Chuse [sic] to live and
Remain in the House with my said Son Andries and [underlined not...and]
will go Elsewhere that then and in Such Case it is my Will
and desire that my said Son Andries his Heirs and
Assignes [sic] Shall yearly [underlined] and Every [underlined] year [underlined] well and
Truely [sic] Pay on [Couse?] to be Paid unto my Said wife
Deborah during her Natural Life Time Out of my
aforesaid Farm Whereon I live and not here above
[Devesect?] and bequeathed unto my Said Son Andries
the Sum of Six Pounds [underlined Sum...Pounds] Current money of Newyork
and I do hereby will and bequeath this to her for her
Maintenance with what I Shall here after give and [underlined what...and]
bequeath unto her to [beinSien?] of her dower and
I do hereby make that part of my Estate herein
before Devised To my said son Andries [underlined] Chargeable [underlined]
with the Maintenance of my said Wife Deborah [underlined] or
the payment of the Sum of Six pounds yearly [underlined Six...yearly] and
Every year during her natural Lifettime [sic], So as
the Same is above Ordered directed and afso [sic]
I Give and bequeath unto my said Son Andries all


[underlining not original]

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