Gertrude Deyo's Mirror

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Gertrude Deyo's Mirror


This sterling silver mirror is surprisingly heavy to the touch yet a humble size of 9 ¼ inches long with the diameter being 4 ¾ inches across. It is over 100 years old and resembles an artifact that could be discovered as one of the remainders from the Titanic ship. Yet the mirror has been exceptionally preserved as the glass on the mirror is vividly clear and reflects a circular frame. When one turns the mirror around floral designs are seen along with two female looking goddesses in the middle of the surrounding designs. One of which the viewer only sees a side profile and flowing hair and another whose full figure is displayed making her significantly smaller when compared to the woman’s side profile. These depictions most likely represent the importance of a female’s beauty during the time that could be preserved through the mirror. The handle of the mirror is sturdy and one can feel the designs on the mirror implant their characteristics into one’s hands if it’s held tightly enough.


F&B Sterling Pat’d 1901






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