whitework quilt

This quilt is an example of a whitework quilt, it was created by Mary Hay, the wife of Reverend John Gosman, D. D.. This quilt was most likely made for her upcoming wedding to the future Reverend John Gosman, D. D. in 1807. John was to become the minister of the First Reformed Church of Kingston. According to the Ulster County Commemorative Biographical Record, "Doctor Gosman was married to Mary Hay, of Cambridge, Washington Co., N.Y., in 1807, the year before he became pastor at Kingston. Mrs. Gosman died in 1856 during her husband's pastorate at Flatbush. She was a most amiable and excellent lady, exemplary in all the relations of life, and constantly helpful to her husband in all his work, whose requirements she thoroughly understood, and with whose responsiblities and trials she had the readiest sympathy. She was interred at Wilkwyck Cemetery, where the remains of her husband and daughter, Catharine, have sense been laid, and repose together. They were the parents of four children-one son and three daughters.". 


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A sketch of Reverend John Gosman, D. D., born in February 10, 1784 and died December 8, 1865. This image is taken from the Ulster County Commemorative Biographical Record.